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Welcome to Rose & Yasmine

Rose & Yasmine was created with our core beliefs at heart…

Beautifurel jewelry should be accessible to all; transcending size, shape and tnds. Carefully curated and high quality pieces can be affordable.

Variety is the spice of life.


At the heart of Rose & Yasmine is the belief that beautiful, expressive jewelry is accessible to the many, not just the few. We’ve hand-picked, designed and curated a wide variety of unique and high quality pieces that are available to you all in one space.


Jewelry pieces provide a wonderful opportunity to upgrade and up-style a look in an economical way. And we believe beautiful jewels should be accessible to many, rather than just a few. At Rose & Yasmine we’ve thoughtfully curated unique collections with originality, versatility and quality in mind. Pieces that transcend eras and fleeting trends.

Pieces that feel handpicked and designed for you with enough variety in one place to take you from day to night, work to play, casual to formal.

We truly believe in jewelry as a fashion equalizer; accessories and jewelry are accessible to nearly everyone, regardless of shape or size. Rose & Yasmine is for the everywoman. A hand-picked array of color and shine, designed to add spice to your everyday life as well as special occasions.

If you believe as we do and are looking for beauty, quality and affordability all in the one place then we invite you to join the Rose & Yasmine community. We’ve curated all our pieces with you in mind; someone looking to shine in everyday life. Because we know at heart, every woman deserves to shine.